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I’ve been reflecting this week on how different life is now that I’m working in a different location, close to home. It’ been nearly six months since I moved to a local office and was finally able to stop driving 16-20 hours a week. The difference that has made to our lives, and to my health is quite noticeable. For the first few months I was still very tired, but recently I’ve noticed I actually have energy left at the end of the day and on weekends to get things done at home. I am no longer just working, trying to sleep and working. With a change in management and a realistic, do-able workload I no longer lie awake at night worrying about work. There are now two people employed to do the job I was doing for the last three and half years – even though our overall team is smaller. No wonder I felt so exhausted for so long, no wonder I paid a price with my health! I’ve lost 8kgs this year as well.  So what does a typical day look like now?

I usually get up between 4-5am, (have always been an early riser) and most days I spend some time doing yoga, some meditation and then I sit on the front verandah and have a cuppa while I watch the sun come up and listen to the sound of the birds waking. It’s a beautiful peaceful way to start the day :)

Then it’s back inside, make the bed, have breakfast,do some morning chores and off to work at 8.20 to start work at 8.30. I work with some really lovely people here, so different to where I was before. I see clients till 12 and then go home for lunch…  yep, home for lunch everyday…. :)  then back to work after lunch till 4- 4.30 depending on how busy it is. Yesterday DH took me out for afternoon tea after work, he works just around the corner. We sat in a lovely little coffee shop overlooking the park and enjoyed not having to rush anywhere, just talking and catching up about our day.

Now when I get home I have time (and energy) in the evenings to do a few more chores, sew, quilt or do a bit of reading. I’m usually in bed about 9pm. On weekends I often sew or quilt, watch a few videos and I cook for the week ahead. On Sundays I do the shopping  early as its much quieter then. I don’t spend my weekends worrying about week ahead as I used to. I feel like I have made a lot of progress towards a more simple life where I’m finally  doing more  the things that give me joy. I sponsor several children in Africa and India so I enjoy writing to them and following their progress. I donate the things that I sew and quilt to charity. Life IS good!

So I don’t spend as much time online and I certainly haven’t blogged often lately. I’m living it rather than writing about it and I’m a lot happier now.

Financially -

  • still no extra payments on the mortgage but savings for retirement and investment emergency accounts have grown instead. I want to get my SMSF (retirement funds) up to $100,000 as soon a possible so I’m putting extra in there. It’s also tax effective to put extra into my retirement. DH has also increased his retirement contribution
  • my student loans should be completely paid off once I do my taxes this year if our calculations are correct.

I was reading The Net Worth of Personal Finance Bloggers post earlier and so I calculated ours. It’s $344,000 ($AU) at the moment. That includes debts, properties and savings. It does not include cars, or home contents.

Well it’s a beautiful autumn day here and its the start of a four day holiday. We’re planning on resuming work on painting the rooms we started working on a few years ago today. I’ve got one room completely cleaned out ready to go and I’m about to start work on the next room.

Hope you all have a nice break over the holiday.

Time for the weekly chit chat hosted by Carla

Heres what I am:

  • Listening to: The kids next door playing basketball
  • Watching:  The Block!  So far Kara and Kyles apartment is my favourite.
  • Cooking/Baking:  Not tonight, – had takeaway
  • Happy you accomplished this week: Finally got the piano taken away so that makes a lot more space in our front room. I gave it away to a local musician.
  • Looking forward to next week: Going down to visit Dad and spend a few days at the beach – can’t wait!
  • Thankful for today:  That the heatwave is over!
  • Bonus Question: What was your first job?  My first job was putting bee frames together and I was paid 10 cents for  every completed frame. The frames were pre cut and I had to nail them together.

This morning I was checking some details of our holiday booking and saw that our cruise price is currently on sale. So I rang up the company and asked if I could have it for the reduced price. After a bit of negotiating, including giving up a free bottle of wine, a photo and some on board credit, I ended up saving just over $400. When I was younger I was always too shy to ask for a discount or negotiate a better deal. Now that I am older I have learned that there is nothing to lose by asking so I’m happy to try and save where I can.

On the investment property front we got approval this morning to install a second air conditioner unit. We rang our accountant about it and his advice was to go ahead and do it in this tax year so we’ll get that done in the next few weeks. That will improve it for us when we eventually move in as well as add value to the property.

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