I passed a few milestones since my last post- I  turned 50 and DH & I also celebrated 30 years of marriage! Unfortunately I’ve also been quite sick for a few weeks so I was confined to bed for both occasions. I’ve been diagnosed with another chronic health problem, one that makes mobilising difficult and painful at times. It’s another reminder of how much I want to be out of debt. I feel very vulnerable physically and financially at the moment!

I went back to work last week and one of my managers wanted to meet with me. Now this manager has been here two years and never wanted to meet with me before. It’s a 2 hour trip from his office to mine so I was worried that I was in strife for so much sick leave. But not the case! He gave me a clear message that although he doesn’t know for sure,  it’s looking very likely that our section will be deleted in the second half of 2013. I appreciated his frankness and forewarning. He also wants to move me to another area in new year, one that will mean a lot less travel for me, which would be wonderful! So if he can get approval that would start in January and it would make a big difference for me.

It’s no surprise that we could lose our jobs, we’ve known that for a while now. But it feels different after this week. I also attended two (long) meetings this week about exactly what our section does and why should it be retained in stead of outsourced. It’s changed from a suspicion that we might go to open discussion about why we should stay. I am a realist and I believe that they will outsource the work we do. I am not going to stress out trying to save our jobs. I’d rather put the effort into planning ahead.

So I am rethinking what we do with the next 26 pay packets left in the current financial year and we are going to try and get the renovations finished before July 2013 instead of paying extra into the mortgage as we originally planned. I know I probably seem to change my mind a lot but all I can do is roll with the punches!

NSW $1.7 billion in education cuts

$3 Billion in health cuts

What would you do if you were pretty certain your were going to lose your job in six months?



  1. First off….happy birthday and anniversary!!

    If it were me….I would be hoarding money if I knew I was going to lose my job. I would be paying the minimums and hoarding. As much as you want to be out of debt….paying anything extra right now could mean not having money for basics later.



  2. 30 years of marriage – that’s wonderful, many congratulations!

    Cannot believe the cuts they are making in health care :( Sorry to hear about the health issues as well – you’re right, sometimes all you can do is roll with the punches.

    If I knew my job was in the firing line I’d start applying elsewhere immediately and pay up all annual bills ahead of time.



  3. Belated congrats on your milestone anniversaries!

    Oh wow, I don’t even want to think about losing a job in six months’ time but it is a very real possibility for the spouse. It seems as though some areas of the economy are picking up but others are downsizing and of course, he works in the area that is downsizing. We would have to save up every penny possible and worry about how our kids are going to finish up with college. We would also have to sell our house or take in renters. We would have to live very, very frugally indeed and I would definitely have to go back to self employed work of some kind even if it was cleaning houses.



  4. Happy birthday & happy anniversary! Those are both huge milestones.

    If I knew my job were in immediate jeapordy, I’d stop all frivolous spending, pay down as much debt as possible, and save, save, save. And start networking.



  5. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! That’s pretty scary about your job. If I was in that position, I would be bulking up the emergency fund as much as possible. At least that way you can cover your basic bills until you find other jobs. Good luck!



  6. thanks so much for the good wishes :)
    and thanks for the thoughts on what to do first – it’s good to hear what others think

    I’ve been thinking that with savings we have more options as then we can spend the money where we choose if I get laid off. I am concerned though about not having the house ready for sale and getting stuck here without the money to finish it. I think I am going to set monthly goals, starting with the emergency fund, then savings in the investment loan offset account of a few months rent in case we have a vacancy.



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