We’ve been busy over the last week or so with the new investment property. It’s about 5 hours from where we live and so we had to go down and inspect it for the handover. It was basically clean, but not as well as I would have left it, but I wasn’t going to delay settlement over it. We stayed down there a few days, gave it a really good clean and helped with the move. It is a lovely unit, very light and airy and quite cool in this heat.

We knew we needed to replace the kitchen but we were going to wait a few months, however when we removed the paper lining the lower kitchen cupboard we found some mould starting, so the kitchen will need to be done in the New Year. I’m working on the best layout of the cupboards. It’s very small and has no upper cupboards at the minute, so I might add some narrow shelving above the new cupboards to increase the storage. We can get the kitchen at cost price from a mate of DH’s because its only small, it won’t be expensive. The carpet is in good nick and the only other thing we will update is the bathroom vanity. Our first payment is next week. The rent is not full market price but it is enough to cover the costs of the loan.

The other thing I’ve been busy with is sewing and quilting! – Now that I finally have some more time in my day – and more energy, I have finally got my sewing machine out and I am thoroughly enjoying making some items for local charities. I have always loved to sew and it went by the wayside for too many years. I guess I’m trying to just get on with ‘simple living’ and so I’m not spending much time online anymore. It feels good to be doing things!


  1. I’m the same – I love to sew but have relegated my sewing machine to a closet for now. But when I retire I plan to make good use of it. I used to sew my own clothes, make all my own curtains etc. Good for you for getting back at it!



  2. Congrats on the new place – it sounds perfect for investment! I would love to be re-designing a kitchen again, it was great fun when we first bought our current house. It’s so true about spending too much time online. I love all the info I learn from personal finance type blogs but it’s also a huge time suck in between other things. Hope you are having fun with the sewing and quilting in the lead-up to Christmas!



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