I’ve been off work this last week . Unfortunately I have a few chronic health problems that cause me problems from time to time. I’ve pretty much been on bed rest and using crutches when I do need to mobilise. Hopefully I’ll be up and at it again in time for work on Monday!  So apart from watching all three series of Deadwood, missing my morning gym workouts and being a bit spaced out from pain meds, I’ve also been busy working on more money saving plans.

I phoned up gas and electricity companies and asked for their best offer if I changed to them. I also phoned my own gas and electricity company and asked what they would do to keep me. Whats interesting is that they immediately offered my another 3% off my electricity bill and 1% off the gas bill. I couldn’t believe how simple it was! However I was thrilled to end up  15% saving on my electricity bill + $175 credit +3% discount for direct debit and on time payment + 14% discount on my gas bill + 3% discount for on time payment and direct debit!!!  Needless to say I have changed over to Origin!   I would absolutely encourage you to ring your companies and ask for a discount on your bills – tell them your considering changing suppliers and ask for their best offer on price, discounts and credits to get your business. Ring other companies and ask what they’ll do to get your business. After all, there is nothing to lose.

The other good news is that DH is able to now pay our mortgage out of his pre-tax income via salary sacrifice. This will save us a considerable amount of money so there will be even more to pay towards debt. He is also able to claim all his credit card payments backdated 12 months. Since our refinance was in February and we paid those large lump sums of the card he can claim the maximum for the previous financial year. End result is he will get some money back and has no more tax to pay for the current financial year. Pretty amazing :)

Not all workplaces allow this but if you work for a non profit  or a public hospital it might apply and there are tax implications as it is a fringe benefit. We’ve nutted it out with our accountant ( who also wants our mortgage GONE asap) to make sure we’re doing things right tax wise. I am hardly game to say it but I do feel like things are finally turning around for us, just got to keep myself healthy and all will be good!

ATO: Salary Sacrifice Arrangements



  1. Those are amazing savings on the utilities…guess who I’ll be calling on Monday!

    Intriguing about the salary packaging…we salary package a car, but have never looked into other areas like school fees or house payments. Another one for the list to investigate!



  2. Wow. Would love to do something like that for my parents’ house, but down this end, there’s only 1 primary electricity company (talk about sucky monopolies!). Besides, we’re renters and our landlord is very change-unfriendly… so glad you got that sort of deal. It is fantastic!



  3. Aww… I’m sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! :( I can’t imagine trying to get around & be productive while on crutches!

    Wow.. Well done! I had a guy at the door last week trying to talk us into switching over to save money but he was sooo pushy that it totally turned me off! I’m always leery of the door to door salesmen.



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